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Diary of a Staycation: Days 4, 5, and 6

So maybe it is a success of a week off that this determination fell aside.I confess the discipline fell by the by.I wasn’t completely lazy.Just a lot slower than I intended.I also failed to disconnect completely from work and the anxiety about not being there.But, honestly, when I reflect on where life was three years ago, I embrace that so much more than the anxiety I would have experienced midway through a week off dreading the approach of the next Monday when I would have to return to work.
But for accountability sake, the word count is pretty dismal.I opted for some more journal brain dumping.I think that and the slower pace were absolutely necessary this week.I am about to go back to a whirligig of activity and my body has been screaming at (or hacking with a stubborn cough) to just peace out for a bit.The cough isn’t completely gone, but it is subsiding.
In the pursuit of creativity, I decided to go to the movies on Wednesday.  I saw If Beale Street Could Talk. I didn’t really dis…

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